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When your nagging pains get to be too much, find a solution from Dr. Paul F. Lyons. He provides non-surgical treatment to bring you lower back pain relief, pinched nerve relief, and relief from a host of other aches you may be experiencing.

Chiropractic Services

Relief can be yours by using ultrasound technology to relax the muscles and chiropractic therapy to strengthen them, Dr. Lyons successfully treats back pain, headaches, neck pain, and sharp arm or leg pains. He specializes in auto accidents and traumatic sports related injury.
Take the first step toward pain relief today, and contact us in North Plainfield, New Jersey, to schedule an appointment.

About Us

Paul F. Lyons-Sports Medicine Chiropractor in North Plainfield, New Jersey, provides physical care to optimize your injury recovery and prevent re-injury. Dr. Lyons, a licensed chiropracter, has 28 years of experience alleviating pain due to stress, accidents, and injuries.
Successfully treating patients out of his private practice for 25 years, Dr. Lyons provides customized treatment and care that can make the difference between recovery and health or lingering pain and disability.
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"Care and understanding are just part of the gentle, fast pain relief you'll get from me.
A detailed exam reveals why you hurt, then I customize a treatment plan for your quick recovery."
— Paul F. Lyons, D.C.
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